Experience a taste of Chile through our collection of handmade soaps that capture the essence of the Chilean geography.

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My name is Ari and I've been living in Hamburg since 2019.
I've created Marmol as an inspiration of Chile by selecting typical colors, patterns and ingredients.

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Inspired by Chilean nature

When you live far away you treasure where you come from. From geography and chilean nature have come the colors and all the inspiration behind the soap collection. The name comes from the famous Catedrales de Mármol, located in Patagonia chilena.

Natural & Vegan ingredients

The main ingredients of the soaps include Rosehip oil & Maqui berry, both chilean ingredients.

You can find a combination of nourishing vegetable oils and vegan butters in the exquisite solid soap bars that benefits to your skin while being environmentally friendly.

Made with ♥ in Germany

enjoy them